Eric Sheffer-Stevens


The Dig

Across the water, in the shadow of a city, a team of archaeologists work to unearth a multitude of objects long buried in the mud and gravel of the riverbank. Three pieces are found and examined. They hold within them the whispers of lives that return us to the center of the city. Two ex-lovers are reunited, a man and his granddaughter share a meal together, and a father searches for the memory of his son in the cabinets of a camera store.

Cast: Megan Wyler, Eric Sheffer-Stevens, Sabina Sciubba, Rocco di Gregorio, Sean Cullen, Count Stovall, J. King, Kim Chan and Alexis Chang.



The Dig

Release: September 22, 2005

Character: George

Director: Joshua van Praag


Winner - Best Director, New York Independent Film Festival


Winner - Jury Prize, New York

Independent Film Festival


Official Selection - Raindance Film




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