Eric Sheffer-Stevens

Lefty Loosey Righty Tighty

Loosey Righty Tighty" is the story of three friends on the precipice of middle-age. Too old to be young. And too young to be old.


FRANKLIN is a recently divorced college professor who's convinced he's a loser and no one will love him ever, ever again. He does have cerebral suspicions that his 19-year-old poetry student MARY wants his body bad, however. This creates an internal crisis of significance; even for a man who's viewed his entire adult life as one long series of continuous internal crises.

MICHAEL is a former college indie rocker who's now a new dad and not sure how he feels about his life of comfortable domesticity. His wife HELEN is not sure how she feels about Michael not being sure...especially when he's the one always opting for "crazy" evenings of watching Netflix on the couch with a six pack of tall boys safely nearby. Perhaps Michael can make one last great grasp at rock stardom and finally find that complete 100% certain no-doubt-about-it contentment that has so far eluded him.

LLOYD is an aspiring novella-ist and reluctant part-time notary who's most successful at eating nachos and shunning commitment from his longtime on-again/off-again "friend" KIT. When backed into a corner by Kit's newfound romantic certainty, does Lloyd opt for a free lifestyle of syndicated daytime television and semi-competitive sports involving Kooshballs? Or, does he choose love... "Lefty



Lefty Loosey,

Righty Tighty

Release: June 1, 2012

Character: Franklin

Director: James Yaegashi












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