Eric Sheffer-Stevens


When Synergy's heroine Deb arrives at her dental date in hell (literally!), she meets a Dean Martin-ish Satan, who trades her soul for the opportunity to gather the souls of others. When the dental appointment turns into a wrestling match with Satan himself, quick-thinking Deb becomes the Devil's soul scavenger.



Alley Theater

37 postcards

In 37 Postcards, ordinary people are finding extraordinary ways to cope, yes with life and death and everything else in between.

After eight years of traveling abroad, Avery Sutton is coming home. Home, to the warmth and comfort of his family. Unfortunately, things aren't quite as comfortable as Avery remembers. For starters, the house, poised on the edge of a sink hole, sits at a distinct angle. The dog hasn't been fed in five years. And Aunt Ester is running a profitable phone-sex operation out of the kitchen. Oddly enough, Mom and Dad seem happily oblivious to all of this, as well as the fact that Avery's 97-year-old Grandmother is still alive and living in their home. 37 Postcards shows that you can, in fact, go home again. You just never know what you're going to find. http://www.michaelmckeeverplays.com/plays_37postcards.php

37 Postcards was performed at The Julie Harris Theater

at The Clearview School,

Briarcliff Manor

The Captives

Philocrates and his slave Tyndarus, of the Greek district of Elis, have been captured in war with another Greek region, Aetolia. They are now prisoners and slaves bought by Hegio, a well-to-do resident of Aetolia, who is planning to trade them for his son, Philipolemus, who has been captured in Elis. Pretending to be each other, the supposed slave Philocrates is sent to make the trade, while Tyndarus risks his life by remaining.


A friend of Philocrates named Aristophontes has also been captured, and Tyndarus’ efforts to fool Hegio by claiming that Aristophontes is insane are unsuccessful. When Hegio finds out from Aristophontes that he has been deceived, he sends Tyndarus to the quarries for backbreaking labor. Declaring that dying courageously is not an everlasting death, Tyndarus tries to convince Hegio that his own loyalty to Philocrates is right.


Comic relief is provided by a sponger, Ergasilus, looking for a free dinner from Hegio. He has learned that Hegio's son Philopolemus has returned to Aetolia, and he uses this knowledge to get a free meal from Hegio, then proceeds to go wild in the kitchen. Hegio’s former slave Stalagmus, who stole Hegio's other son when he was four years old, also arrives on the scene and confesses his iniquity. Eventually everybody discovers that Tyndarus is that stolen son, causing Hegio to realize he should have treated him better when he was his captive slave. Hegio and his two sons, Philopolemus and Tyndarus, are reunited in a happy ending.


Greg Kalleres

Gerald and Leni are tragically addicted to one another. But after two years of secrets and lies they discover that addiction might be stronger than love.

Access Theater NYC




February 2 until March 4

Character: Mark

Playwright: Keith Reddin

Director: Karen Kohlhaas

Theater Company: The Alley Theater,






















37 Postcards

October 12 until October 28

Character: Avery

Playwright: Michael McKeever

Director: Dan Foster

Theater Company: Hudson Stage Company










































































The Captives

May 2001

Character: John

Playwright: Pancho Gutstein

Director: Sonia Arrubla

Theater Company: Center Stage NY


































Chained to the moon


Character: Gerald

Director: Gregory Licht

Written by: Greg Kalleres

Theater: Access Theater NYC





























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