Eric Sheffer-Stevens


Review 1

Eric Sheffer Stevens is the soul of well-groomed soullessness as Marc, the devil's helper.

by Everett Evans

published: February 9, 2001

Review 2

......This new production brings new faces to Alley audiences: Reathel Bean, who also appeared in the Yale Repertory production of Mr. Reddin’s play RUM AND COKE, is Sidney; Christopher Duva, who appeared in the New York premiere of Keith Reddin’s adaptation of Bulgakov’s novel BLACK SNOW, is Roland; Callum Keith - King is Otto; Fay Ann Lee is Jade and Michelle; Jenny Maguire is Deb and

Eric Sheffer Stevens is Marc. ........

Review 1

...Before and between scenes in the Hudson Stage production, which is directed with enormous trust and care by Dan Foster, and lovingly acted, we hear old-time songs sung by beloved old-timers, with a scratchy Victrola sound....



Published: October 21, 2001[BabBp,1]



February 2 until March 4

Character: Mark

Playwright: Keith Reddin

Director: Karen Kohlhaas

Theater Company: The Alley Theater,



















37 Postcards

October 12 until October 28

Character: Avery

Playwright: Michael McKeever

Director: Dan Foster

Theater Company: Hudson Stage Company

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