Eric Sheffer-Stevens


Review 1

................that said, the production, directed by Shepard Sobel, hits full stride at the two points where it matters most. Just before intermission, thanks largely to some convincing swordplay and a nice turn by Eric Sheffer Stevens as Benvolio, a jolt goes through the room, and you get a sense of what the play's first audiences might have felt when what had been a fairly mild, almost comic story suddenly turned ugly.

by Neil Genzlinger, Published: May 9, 2002


Review 2

Eric Sheffer Stevens (Benvolio) stands out.

By Neil Genzlinger, Published: May 9, 2002


.......Keri Setaro as Mildred and Mike Heffron as Tommy reminded me of myself and my cousins a lifetime ago. The Yale men, Eric Altheid (Wint) and Eric Sheffer Stevens (Arthur Miller), are as stuffy as one might wish.

by Stephen A. Black, Professor Emeritus at Simon Fraser University, British Columbia . published: 2002




and Juliet


April 23 until June 16

Character: Benvolio

Playwright: William Shakespeare

Director:Shepard Sobel

Theater Company:

The Pearl Theatre Company, New York















Ah Wilderness

October 16 until November 15

Character: Arthur Miller

Playwright: Eugene O'Neill

Director: Edward Stern

Theater Company:

Cincinnati Playhouse

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