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Written by Shaw in 1909, "Misalliance" takes place one summer afternoon in the conservatory of a large country house in Surrey, England. The "mismatch" is a decidedly odd couple: lusty Hypatia—the daughter of a new-money father who made a bundle in the underwear business—and her fiancé, a brainy aristocrat. Hypatia is fed up with the stuffy conventions that surround her and the hyperactive talk of her free-thinking, philandering father. Enter a dashing aviator and a mysterious Polish acrobat, instantly complicating the question of who will wind up with whom in this comedy of money, morality, and stuck-up manners. More than just a comedy, "Misalliance" is also an examination of Shaw's ideas on marriage, socialism, and the "new woman" struggling to emerge from Victorian constraintst.

Passion Overwhelms Art In Caldwell's The Countess

By Tane Soeldner-Danger Hollywood Hills High, March 7, 2003

The Caldwell Theatere's current production of The Countess probes the failing marriage of art lecturer John Ruskin (Brian Quirk) and his quaint and candid wife Effie (Lanie MacEwan). The bulk of the play occurs during a four-week vacation the two spend in the Scottish Highlands with the company of Ruskin's painting protege, John Everett Millais (Eric Sheffer Stevens). The trip is meant to solidify the friendship of Ruskin and Stevens. Instead, however, the attentions of Effie end up pitting the two against one another.





October 3 until November 2

Character: Joey Percival

Playwright: George Bernard Shaw

Director: Irene Lewis

Theater Company: Baltimore Center Stage






























The Countess

March 2003

Character: John Everett Millais

Playwright: Gregory Murphy

Director: Michael Hall

Theater Company:

Caldwell Theater Company


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