Eric Sheffer-Stevens



Picnic, written by William Inge in 1953, is set in a sleepy Kansas town on a sweltering Labor Day. Its citizens, including Helen Potts, long to escape the ennui of daily life. When a wanderer makes his way to town, Mrs. Potts takes him in, and everyone's lives are thrown into chaos.



Eric's character:

Alan Seymour – Alan is a rich young man looking to settle down with a beautiful girl. He loves Madge, whether their relationship is superficial or not. Alan is level-headed most of the time and tends to criticize those who make decisions without thinking them through.

Tana Hicken as Helen Potts

Christopher Pummer as King Lear

King Lear

This drama is one of the great tragedy themed plays by William Shakespeare. The themes of the play cover greed, betrayal, lust for power, and cruelty. The story of King Lear, an aging monarch who is headstrong old man who is blind to his weaknesses, decides to divide his kingdom amongst his three daughters, according to which one recites the best declaration of love. Goneril and Regan who are the selfish daughters of Lear who pretend to love him but later treat him cruelly. Cordelia who is the loyal and unselfish daughter. King Lear disowns Cordelia after confusing her honesty with insolence. The end of the play ends in death by various methods including poison and suicide. Cordelia dies and King Lear, now a broken man, also dies.




May 14 until June 20

Character: Alan Seymour

Playwright: William Inge

Director: Irene Lewis

Theater Company: Baltimore Center Stage










































King Lear

February 11 until April 18

Character: Curan, ensemble

Understudy: Burgundy

Playwright: William Shakespeare

Director: Jonathan Miller

Vivian Beaumont Theatre, Lincoln Center






















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