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Much Ado About Nothing



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Much Ado About Nothing, directed by John Nagle and produced by Vermont Shakespeare Company. Knight Point State Park, North Hero. August 12-15, Thursday through Sunday at 6 p.m. and Saturday at 2 p.m. $20; free admission for kids under 12.


In recent years, the Vermont Shakespeare Company has established a new tradition in the Champlain Islands: plein-air presentations of the Bard’s plays. So far, founders Jena Necrason and John Nagle have staged engaging interpretations of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Twelfth Night and The Comedy of Errors. For an amphitheater, VSC uses a funky, semi-forested space nestled in North Hero’s Knight Point State Park. The venue perfectly suits the company’s family-friendly mission “to make classical theater accessible and hip.”


Much ado about nothing:

“Even though it’s a comedy,” says Necrason, “it’s also a complex love story, a mature love story.” The saga of young fiancés Hero and Claudio ostensibly drives the plot. But Shakespeare really sharpens his quill for the barbed battle between confirmed bachelorette Beatrice and even more firmly committed to bachelorhood Benedick. They hate each other at first sight. So their meddlesome friends concoct a mean scheme: Make ’em fall in love!

“Man versus woman, the eternal battle of the sexes — everybody cab relate to it," Necrason declares. In the VSC production, spouses Jenny and Eric Sheffer Stevens portray Beatrice and Benedict. With a married couple as the skirmishing sweethearts, "you've got that added edge of their personal relationship," Necrason says. "It can't help but feed the chemistry of their character relationship."


Source: The Bard is Back for "Much Ado" in the Champlain Islands

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By Elisabeth Crean






Much Ado

About Nothing


August 12 until August 15

Character: Benedick/Watchman

Playwright: William Shakespeare

Director: John Nagle

Theater Company: Vermont Shakespeare

Company (VSC)










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