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Dr. Reid Oliver was a fictional character on CBS's daytime drama As the World Turns. He was portrayed by Eric Sheffer Stevens and made his first appearance on January 19, 2010. Reid Oliver revealed himself to be gay on ATWT adding to a list of fictional characters on the show that have been connected to Luke and Noah, the first teen same-sex couple in American soap As The World Turns .


The Big C

Paul receives a promotion at work, and attends a congratulatory dinner without Cathy. Adam attends a house party, where teen-aged peer pressure places him between a rock and a hard place, which he makes all the worse by his actions following a comment by Andrea. And upon hearing whether she's been accepted into an experimental therapy clinical trial, Cathy embarks upon another of her life firsts, this one she shares with Lenny. These three events converge in a couple of revelations, a car accident, and a decision by Paul as to his future with Cathy. Meanwhile, Sean sets Marlene up on a date. And Cathy learns that Dr. Todd is ready to pop the question to his girlfriend.





As The World Turns


January 19, 2010 until September 7, 2010

Character: Dr. Reid Oliver

Creator: Irna Phillips

Written by: Jean Passanante (2001–2010)

Written by: Leah Laiman (1999–2010)

Ex. producer: Christopher Goutman




































The Big C


Episode: The Ecstasy and the Agony

October 18, episode 9, season 1

Character: Andy

Director: Tricia Brock


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