Eric Sheffer-Stevens

The last street in Manhattan

The murder of a Wall Street CEO takes Goren and Eames on an investigative trail that leads into the world of high-end Manhattan match-making, where wealthy men are paired with beautiful, accomplished women.



I Hate My Teenage Daughter

A story of two life-long friends who realize their children have turned out to be the same type of unlikable bullies that made high school insufferable.


Megan suspects foul play when a young socialite dies, even though she had a terminal illness. The investigation means the funeral is halted but it doesn't help that the body was embalmed before the autopsy leaving few clues for the team. The investigation is then interrupted by Kate's personal life. Lacey thinks her parents might be getting back together.





Law and Order: Criminal Intent


The Last Street in Manhattan

Episode 4, season 10

Character: Aston Skinner

Director: Jean de Segonzac











































































I Hate My Teenage Daughter


November 30, 2011 until February 10, 2012

Character: Matt Cooper

Creators: Sherry Bilsing, Ellen Kreamer



































































































Body of Proof


Broken Home

Episode 9, season 1

Character: Bill Parrkson

Director: Nelson McCormick

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