Eric Sheffer-Stevens



Holmes realizes the apparent fatal shooting of the women who haunted Lucas Bundsch, suspect of the murder of her sister, was a suicide plant. Yet Lucas's manipulation of the lie detector convinces Sherlock that he actually killed the sister, and probably is a serial killer. Watson challenges his social awkwardness, even within the NYPD, where grumbling Gregson still covers them and forces case officer Gerry Coventry to collaborate. Lucas Bundsch and Holmes engage in a battle of dirty tricks.



Nurse Jackie

Eric once again plays the role of an obnoxious doctor who gets punched on the nose. Sounds familiair?







On the Line, September 11

Episode 9 , season 2

Character: Tim Spalding

Director: Guy Ferland
































































































Nurse Jackie


Rat on a Cheeto, May 25

Episode 7, season 6

Character: Dr. Grant

Director: Jesse Peretz





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